Every ship needs a compass.
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but imagine playing hide and seek with ashton under the warm sheets and he’d grab you by the waist and tickle you cause he loves the sound of your laugh and there would be moments of silence of just staring at his perfect face and gazing into his beautiful eyes and you’d just be laying there in his embrace and i want to jump into the ocean and did i mention i can’t swim bye 

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  • Person:

    Louis is so ugl-

  • Me:

    if you are about to say what you think you're going to say I will rip out your vocal chords douse you in holy water rip out your eyeballs and sacrifice you to the dark one you fucking horribly confused child

Name 2 things you like about yourself, then pass this onto the first 10 people on your dash. #TeamSelfEsteem

1. I’m compassionate. (:
2. I wanna help people and save lives. (: